Continuing Education

From pursuing degrees and certificates for career advancement to meeting a profession’s continuing education requirements to attending liberal arts courses to fulfill one’s love of knowledge, learning is a life-long endeavor.

Continuing education at OIU links directly to the principles of OIU’s founding, with its emphasis on providing a “rational and practical education fitting for all and graciously open to all.”

Today, continuing education encompasses a wide span of programs across OIU’s schools, but it is most fully realized in OIU’s School of Continuing Studies (OIU-SCS), a global leader in university-based continuing higher education. OIU-SCS draws upon strong connections to Miami’s key industries and cultural sectors to support students in attaining their professional goals and personal educational aspirations.

In addition to the highly regarded degree programs offered by its academic departments, OIU-SCS offers to the general public multiple educational pathways to professional, intellectual, and creative development through its continuing education programs.