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President’s Message

Welcome to Okan International University, “The University Closest to Business Life”, forming a bridge between practice and theory with its formidable, experienced staff. Our students often comment on the collegiality and sense of community that exists on our US and overseas campuses, as well as the many educational, cultural, and social activities within easy reach.


As one of the most eminent and distinguished universities overseas, we are home to a diverse undergraduate and graduate student body of 20,000. We are a diverse institution including international students from 43 different countries. Once students arrive on our campuses, we are dedicated to supporting them through graduation and into the next stages of professional and personal development.


Okan University, Istanbul offers more than 138 undergraduate and graduate programs via six faculties, two applied sciences schools and three graduate schools as well as a variety of two year associate degree programs that correspond to the in-demand vocational opportunities. Our establishment in South Florida, Okan International University (OIU), offers 3 undergraduate and 3 graduate programs as well as language learning center and certificate programs.


At Okan International University, we provide a premier, student-centered educational experience to all students. We appreciate the diverse opinions and experiences multi-national students bring to our university as they enrich our learning and working environment. Our international students are engaged in numerous academic and extracurricular activities. Our students will be a source of pride for us in the future. In our efforts to prepare them for the future in every way possible, we strive to bring together first-rate scholars so that the academic staff is comprised of leaders in their fields. To this end, we have made sure that our instructors and professors possess not only the highest academic qualifications, but also practical experience.


Thus, on behalf of our institution and dedicated staff, I am so pleased that you are considering Okan International University and hope this site provides the information you are looking for as you choose an institution that will best meet your academic needs. We understand studying in the United States can be exciting, but also a great challenge. Therefore, we will make every effort to support you as you experience the many educational and social opportunities that will make your time with us as rewarding as you hope it will be.


Okan University strives continuously to further the development of knowledge both nationally and internationally with its high quality student-centered education, programs and its research centers. Therefore, your decision to attend Okan International University will mean much more than earning a degree. You will be an integral part of the university’s commitment to diversity and globalization and will ensure the OIU community develops a broader understanding of the world and its many cultures.


By having you on board, Okan International University will become a better place and a stronger university. I wish all of you success in your careers and in your lives, and in all the choices that you make.



Bekir Okan

Bekir OKAN
Founder & President
Okan International University