Okan Brand


The Okan International University Brand

A brand isn’t a logo. It isn’t a tagline or a product. A brand is our reputation. The way we speak, the way we act, the experiences that our students and visitors have on campus is our brand. Every person at Okan International University, each department, and all the work they contribute, diverse as it may be, make up the Okan International University. Brands are performance driven.


A unified campus with a consistent brand and mission strengthens the university. A clear message and visual identity reflect a multi-faceted, but unified, organization. There is a responsibility to ensure that the Okan International University brand and imagery is used consistently and appropriately by all.


The Okan International University Brand Standards have been developed to enable all university departments, centers, institutes, programs and university-sanctioned organizations to consistently represent Okan International University in all formal and informal communications, advertising and marketing, and other promotional materials.



Okan: We evaluate our name to drive awareness; the type style communicates bold; collegiate pursuits.

Shield: Our most prominent school icon.

Miami: Where our school is

Palm Trees: It is our climate “hot, warm”. Our approach to our students.