Role & Mission


The Role of Okan International University (OIU)


Okan International University will prepare students as leaders in his or her chosen profession.

Okan International University will combine expertise from the educational and professional arena in a university environment. The University’s main goal is to develop the business, health care and hospitality communities with graduates that exhibit skills and the ability to make positive contributions to the workplace.

Okan International University will develop educational curriculum with emphasis on the development of critical thinking and conceptual skills. The rigor and scholarly emphasis is coupled with the expertise and knowledge of the professional community. The central focus will be the relationship between academic learning and real life practical skills and strategies. The University’s programs will be designed to respond to the needs of today’s world with the flexibility to adjust to these needs as they continue to evolve.


At Okan International University we train students to think in an analytical, interdisciplinary way, and we instill an entrepreneurial spirit.

We invest and support innovative scholars who are able to successfully integrate education and training and thus help our students to become exceptional graduates in their respective fields. We strive to convert information into technology for the benefit of society.

We concentrate on educational and research activities directed at meeting the needs of society by making social responsibility and environmental consciousness our priority.


Our vision is to become a world-class university which contributes to the betterment of the nation and its business life by providing education of the highest standards and thereby preparing its students to enter the modern business world, ensuring that they are open to domestic and foreign competition, and instilling them with social responsibility and environmental consciousness.


  • To prepare students for the marketplace.
  • To develop student competency in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and information utilization.
  • To provide instruction that bridges the gap between theory and practice.
  • To provide faculty members that enhances the learning experience.
  • To use technology to create effective means of instruction that expands access to learning resources that enhances collaboration and communication for improved student learning.
  • To assess student learning and use assessment data to improve the system, curriculum, instruction, learning resources, counseling, and student services.
  • To foster a spirit of innovation that focuses on providing academic quality, excellent services and convenience to the working student.


OUI was established to provide American and international students with the highest quality of post-secondary education. Therefore, a fundamental mission of OIU is teaching. The distinctiveness of the teaching mission at Okan International University lies in its range of undergraduate majors, the character and quality of the faculty, and the extracurricular environment. The University provides students with a wide choice of courses and career options which often expands the scope of their dreams and ambitions. The size and diversity of the University permits students to mature and to develop their own sense of self-confidence and individual responsibility. The course work is enriched by a faculty that is engaged in active research and creative activity and whose frame of reference is the national and international community of scholars.


In addition, many of our service aspects extend to regional, national, and international clientele. Special units such as Extended Education and Outreach and the Cooperative Extension Division have specific responsibilities to bring the teaching and research resources of the University to a wider clientele. Through Cooperative Extension’s partnership with federal, state, and county agencies, OIU has an outreach program in each county in the state. Moreover, all units of the University have a service and outreach mission.

To help accomplish this mission, OIU delivers educational services through diverse ways including telecommunications methods and as a participant in the development of regional educational centers especially in those areas where it has state-wide responsibilities. The University recognizes its obligation to extend the resources of the University beyond the campus and throughout the State. Serving the needs of Florida requires more than responding to the felt needs of the time. OIU must be visionary in its planning and must help the citizens of the state prepare for the future as well as deal with the present.