Executive Board


Okan International University participates in shared governance between the faculty and administration through the Executive Board. Established in 2015, the Executive Board is a representative body of members elected by the faculty of the various academic departments and units of OIU. The Executive Board supports faculty governance and believes that shared governance is essential to creating a productive and rewarding academic environment for faculty and students as well as protecting faculty to pursue independent, scholarly research.

The executive Board is the governing agency for dealing with matters of interest to more than one college and acts as the official voice of the faculty of OIU. The Executive Board also advises and consults with student, staff, and administrative groups on matters of general concern which include, but are not necessarily limited to, the budget, institutional planning, library and computer operations, student academic conduct in the classroom, and the selection of academic-administrative personnel.

The Executive Board provides protection of academic freedom through the Academic Rights and Responsibilities Committee. The Executive Board has also established committees to deal with academic standards, curriculum, computing services on campus, commencement and honors convocations, honorary degrees and intercollegiate athletics.